Bentuestu - Responsive Real Estate Wordpress Theme

Bentuestu - Responsive Real Estate Wordpress Theme

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User: mesacreativa

OUR REVIEW OF Wordpress Bentuestu

Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, Bentuestu wordpress theme was created for a variety of different uses.Talking about design, Bentuestu theme has a responsive and modern aspect which looks great and offers a very interesting solution..Being a responsive theme is really a plus as most themes nowadays need to be prepared to be shown on different screen resolutions. Bentuestu will be ready to be used either on a computer, a smarthphone or a tablet.



Introduced in version 2.5 of the Wordpress API, shortcodes enable users to include special kinds of contents into the page just by adding a "tag" (shortcode) into the page content. Bentuestu offers many unique shortcodes for you to use and create rich content which will make your theme unique. Shortcodes are really simple to use and a great way to offer a rich experience to your users.

HTML5 Compilant

HTML5 is the standard nowadays but still many themes are not HTML5 compilant or do not make use of the benefits of it. Well all that is not the case with the Bentuestu theme which makes good use of the latest web technologies to provide users with a great experience.

Regargind the author of this theme, this is the first theme of mesacreativa with 0 sales till now.

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