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Kitt | Theme For Fashion Blogs

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Meet Kitt ? A modern, responsive WordPress theme built for business savvy creatives. With two beautiful ?Style Kitts? to choose from (Chloe & Riley) your content will always look clean and organized. When you?re ready to take your blog to the next level and open a shop, showcase your portfolio work, or boast about your rave client reviews ? Kitt has you covered.

No need to learn a new framework, no need to understand code ? everything in Kitt is simple and easy to install. Kitt extends the WordPress native Customizer, allowing you to craft a your homepage with simple dropdowns, and watch it update in real-time.

Style Kitts ? Kitt comes with ?Style Kitts? ? layouts that are optimized for distinct personalities. Each one can be changed with the click of a button, allowing you to test drive how your blog looks in a perfectly laid out alternative.

Customizer ? We wanted Kitt to feel like a natural extension of WordPress, so we adopted the latest standards and pushed them to their limits. No clunky admin panels, or clicking back and forth to enter settings. Instead we?ve extended the WordPress customizer so you can see your site come together in real-time.

Responsive ? In 2016 mobile traffic is expected to surpass desktop traffic. That?s why we built Kitt mobile-first, ensuring your content will look perfect on every device ? from your mobile phone to your 27? desktop.

Page Templates ? Need an about page? We?ve got a template for that. How about a contact page too? Got it! In fact, Kitt comes with several templates to accommodate your responsive layouts, Google Map, or pretty much anything else you need help with.

Portfolio ? Show off your best work with our integrated portfolio. Large images, a photo gallery, and we even threw in an Isotope grid that can be filtered.

WooCommerce ? Ready to sell your genius ideas to the world? Kitt integrates with WooCommerce for a stylish, comprehensive e-commerce solution with no additional costs to your hosting.

Navigation ? Pick from 4 navigation options, optimized for both mobile and desktop environments. Change your mind? Don?t worry, with a click of a button you can switch it up at anytime.

Page Transitions ? jQuery page transitions to ensure quick and meaningful transitions for your users. There?s nothing worse than waiting for your transitions to load, am I right? Subtle transitions create a smooth user experience that never detracts from your content.

Search ? You have your reader on your site, now let?s help them find what they?re looking for with our prominent and easy to use search button.

Slider ? Simple, clean, full-width slider. Our carousel post slider can be setup in literally two clicks.

Social ? Social sharing is the quickest way to grow your audience, so we integrated share buttons into the designs. Perfect headlines, easy links, and it doesn?t look like you just slapped a few buttons across the bottom.

Post Love ? Sharing is great, but sometimes your readers just want to show a little love. Our integrated plugin lets your readers provide instant feedback by tapping the heart icon.

Retina Ready ? Kitt goes beyond retina ready. It automatically generates retina images for all of your photos and uses them on supported devices for a faster, more beautiful site.

Icons ? Over 600+ icons are included with the integrated Font Awesome icon font. Why icon fonts? They scale, are retina perfect, and are faster than images. Neat, right?

Search Engine Optimized ? Kitt uses the latest HTML5 semantic markup to ensure your content gets properly indexed. Since we usually go the extra mile, we also included the latest and Mircoformat markups too.

Translation Ready ? Kitt is translation ready and includes a portable object template (.pot), so translators can translate your site without rewriting a line of code.

Automatic Updates ? To ensure your website stays cutting edge, Kitt notifies you when updates are ready, and are installed in just one click. Staying ahead of the curve has never been so easy.

Custom Widgets ? We knew you were too cool to use default WordPress widgets, so we included a few extra and styled the other ones, ensuring your sidebar will always look slick.

Cross Browser Compatibility ? We went almost a whole half-decade back in time to ensure Kitt works with Internet Explorer 11. But more importantly we also made sure it works in:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Comments ? We gave WordPress comments a fresh look, and supported threading so you can easily keep track of the action.

Typography ? The fonts selected were carefully chosen, and are rendered with antialiasing technology to ensure they look crisp in all browsers.

Credits: Photos used in the demo are not included with this item, instead the demo content utilizes placeholder images.

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