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OUR REVIEW OF Wordpress Reactive

Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, Reactive wordpress theme was produced as an option for people looking for a portfolio or business theme.Talking about design, Reactive theme has a responsive and clean aspect which looks great and offers a very interesting solution..If you are wondering what a responsive theme is then think of it as a theme you will be able to use in any device resolution. That means that Reactive will work fine on your screen, your smartphone and your tablet. For each resolution the theme will automatically be adjusted without you having to worry about creating versions for each of the screens.



As with most (if not all) of the new Wordpress Themes out there, Reactive offers the possibility to add widgets to your pages which will help you create awesome layouts full of rich content just by drag and dropping.


Introduced in version 2.5 of the Wordpress API, shortcodes enable users to include special kinds of contents into the page just by adding a "tag" (shortcode) into the page content. Reactive offers many unique shortcodes for you to use and create rich content which will make your theme unique. Shortcodes are really simple to use and a great way to offer a rich experience to your users.

Translation Ready

Creating different versions of this theme is really simple as it comes with a translation ready setup. You can create your own version of it in a really simple way just by modifying the settings on the backend.
If you are wondering if the Reactive theme can be integrated with twitter, the short answer is YES. As with most themes nowadays, Reactive offers the possibility sync your Twitter account.

Regargind the author of this theme, this is the first theme of ThemeShaper with 0 sales till now.
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