GOLDEN - Responsive Vintage HTML5/CSS Template

GOLDEN - Responsive Vintage HTML5/CSS Template

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The GOLDEN site tempalte was created mainly for portfolio or blog use.Regarding the design aspects of the GOLDEN template, it has a responsive and elegant approach which is really good for the kind of target it intends to reach..The responsive aspect of this template is key as nowadays most themes need to be able to display correctly in many different devices. GOLDEN will automatically adjust itself to the resolution of the device it is being shows to display the best option for the viewer.


Pricing Table

The template offers the possibility of adding pricing tables with a simple click. Pricing tables are great for those customers intending to showcase products or services which require pricing information to be shown to users.This is not the only template to offer this possibility but it is really a plus if you are looking for something like this.

HTML5 Compilant

HTML5 is the standard nowadays but still many templates are not HTML5 compilant or do not make use of the benefits of it. Well all that is not the case with the GOLDEN template which makes good use of the latest web technologies to provide users with a great experience.

Contact Form

Do you need to keep in touch with your visitors? Then the GOLDEN template has a really nice contact form included which will do just that. It is really well made and always a good inclusion.
If you are wondering if the GOLDEN theme can be integrated with twitter, the short answer is YES. As with most template nowadays, GOLDEN offers the possibility sync your Twitter account.

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