UltraQ : Portfolio & Corporate WordPress Theme

UltraQ : Portfolio & Corporate WordPress Theme

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User: madza

OUR REVIEW OF Wordpress UltraQ

For sale on the ThemeForest marketplace, UltraQ theme was conceived as an option for customers looking for a portfolio or blog theme.Regarding the design aspects of the UltraQ theme, it has a elegant and flexible approach which is really good for the kind of target it intends to reach.



As with most (if not all) of the new Wordpress Themes out there, UltraQ offers the possibility to add widgets to your pages which will help you create awesome layouts full of rich content just by drag and dropping.

Pricing Table

If what you need is to showcase different prices for your products, then the pricing table shortcode of the UltraQ theme is ideal for you as it will let you do that really easily. The final result is great and you will be able to attract new customers with just the click of a button.


Wordpress 2.5 introduced shortcodes and since then most of the premium themes started using them as a way to enrich the content of pages. UltraQ also offers the possibility of adding shortcodes to your content which will let you create unique pages and give the possibility of offering a great experience to your users.

UltraQ PSD Theme Files

All of the PSD (Photoshop) files used to create this theme are included with your download. This is not a minor include as they will give your the possibility of customizing your theme in your own unique way.


SEO is really important if you want your site to appear anywhere close to the first results of Google or any search engine. The developer behind the UltraQ theme knows that and had [put a good amount of effort making the theme SEO optimized.

Regargind the author of this theme, madza, has other 22 themes avaialble for sale. With more than 39 sales overall.

Theme Screenshot

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