SaveTheWorld: Environmental & Charity WP Theme

SaveTheWorld: Environmental & Charity WP Theme

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User: WebFlexStudio

OUR REVIEW OF Wordpress SaveTheWorld

Already for sale at ThemeForest, SaveTheWorld theme was made as an alternative for clients looking for a portfolio or blog theme.Regarding the design aspects of the SaveTheWorld theme, it has a responsive and clean approach which is really good for the kind of target it intends to reach..The responsive aspect of this theme is key as nowadays most themes need to be able to display correctly in many different devices. SaveTheWorld will automatically adjust itself to the resolution of the device it is being shows to display the best option for the viewer.



Introduced in version 2.5 of the Wordpress API, shortcodes enable users to include special kinds of contents into the page just by adding a "tag" (shortcode) into the page content. SaveTheWorld offers many unique shortcodes for you to use and create rich content which will make your theme unique. Shortcodes are really simple to use and a great way to offer a rich experience to your users.

HTML5 Compilant

HTML5 is a big part of this theme and will give your visitors a great experience making use of the latest web technologies.


The theme is SEO optimized and that is really a plus if you intend your content to rank on most search engines. Although SEO should be a standard nowadays it does not work like that so it is really a plus that the SaveTheWorld theme comes with that.

Regargind the author of this theme, WebFlexStudio, has other 5 themes avaialble for sale. With more than 0 sales overall.

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